Are you a Landlord or thinking of becoming one?

August 20th 2018

3 things you need to know...

  1. Labour Party leader Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Bill would introduce minimum standards for rental properties. Auckland Property Investors Association president Andrew Bruce said that if the Bill becomes law it will impose extra costs on landlords.
  2. Landlords are currently required to disclose the level of insulation in the ceiling, underfloor and in the walls in tenancy agreements.
  3. Amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, which came into force last year, mean that all rental properties must now have smoke alarms and that all rental properties must be insulated by July 2019.

...So how can you future-proof yourself as a Landlord? Another 3 things you need to know…

The Investment - why buying new is best With all new builds having double-glazing, new building code insulation, and superior building standards it makes sense to buy new. Hamilton Lodge Agent Cathy O’Shea has 5 townhouse developments for sale in key locations around Hamilton ideal for investors, and 9 brand new homes ready to live in or tenant in the booming North East.

The Management - when teamwork is critical Lodge Real Estate Hamilton are family owned since the 1960s and command almost 40% of the market; with In-House Body Corporate Management, and the largest Rental Portfolio in the City. Cathy O’Shea is a very experienced agent who has been selling investment properties with Lodge Real Estate since 2004. Local Team - Local Knowledge - Safe Hands

The Finance New builds are exempt from LVR restrictions so you can borrow more - simple! Talk to your broker or banker about leveraging off the value of your current assets, and make your money work for you.

...want to know more? 15-minute Landlord 101 + Free Coffee

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Before you put your house on the market, it's important to know your competition, the market and to make sure your house is looking its best.

The art of presenting a property for sale is an important one to master. Presentation is often the reason that two properties that appear the same on paper, sell for vastly different prices.

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