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Before you put your house on the market, it's important to know your competition, the market and to make sure your house is looking its best.

The art of presenting a property for sale is an important one to master. Presentation is often the reason that two properties that appear the same on paper, sell for vastly different prices.

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  • I have known Cathy O’Shea for several years both professionally and personally. Cathy is a very ethical individual and brings integrity, charm and humour to all her interactions. Her ability to work across all ethnicities is an attribute that is highly valued.
    Margaret Comer
    Corporate Services Executive at Gallagher Group Ltd
  • Cathy is a lady who is passionate about her profession with excellant knowledge of & specialising in local real estate. She offers a true Irish warm, enthusuastic & personal service & will work tirelessly to help you with your property deals.
    Audrey Quigley
  • Cathy is a very astute business woman, great to deal with, does the 100% deal for you.
    David Keogh
  • Cathy has a Passion for the Real Estate Industry rarely seen. Cathy is extremely knowledgeable about the history of Hamilton and has a highly successful track record in the industry. Cathy’s achievement speak for themselves.
    Sharon Honiss
Hamilton Real Estate Rural Property Ebook


Selling a rural lifestyle property is a specialist field. Building relationships with buyers requires the ability to understand their needs and wants and provide them with the specialist knowledge they require to make their decisions.

Download our expert guide to selling your lifestyle property below.

Why Should You Invest in Hamilton Real Estate?

Hamilton is New Zealand’s fastest growing city, the lowest tsunami/earthquake threat of any city in the country have made it a haven for relocation, while its’ perceived safety and aesthetic appeal continues to attract new migrants. Consumer and developer-driven preferences have compounded this natural inclination; resulting in better amenities and infrastructure. Browse our range of Hamilton properties or call us to help you find something special in Hamilton.

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With a combined experience of 22 years in Hamilton real estate, you can trust us to achieve results.

Cathy O Shea
Cathy O‘Shea
Residential & Lifestyle Sales 021 266 3823
Chas Farrant
Chas Farrant
Sales Consultant to Cathy O‘Shea 027 553 8811
Maureen Crowe
Maureen Crowe
Rural & Lifestyle Sales 027 584 2651

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How Do I Find out What My House Is Worth?

There are two proven methods to getting a home value estimate: a home appraisal and a valuation.

Home appraisals are conducted by real estate agents and provides an educated estimated value of your home, based on the experience of the real estate agent and current market trends. A home appraisal is typically done for free.

Registered valuations are conducted by a licensed and registered valuer where they perform a similar assessment, but they are done by an independent and qualified valuer for a typical price range of $500 to $800.

To learn more about each option and determine which one is the right option for you, download our guide to selling your property today.

How Do I Present My Home?

You may have heard of, or seen, some of the techniques vendors use to maximise their home's appeal, from the effective 'declutter and clean', to the simple 'finishing touches' (fresh flowers for example).

The art of presenting a property for sale is an important one to master. Presentation is often the reason that two properties that appear the same on paper, sell for vastly different prices.

Physical appearance, atmosphere and the space you create are the three critical factors which affect the emotional response of a buyer to your home.

To learn more about these 3 critical factors in presenting your home and how you can use them to maximise your value, download our guide to selling your property today.

What Do I Need to Do Before I Can Put My House on the Market?

Before you put your house on the market, there are several important documents and disclosures you need to provide.

The first is an agency agreement; This document is provided by your real estate agent and it contains the key details of the parties involved in the sale of your property: you, the agent and your lawyer. Until you sign this, your agent cannot act on your behalf to sell your home.

Regardless of what kind of home sale method you choose (e.g. auction, fixed), you should also disclose information to your agent when you put your home up for sale such as certificates for any building work, building consents and code of compliance.

To learn more about what else you should disclose and other documents you need to provide, download our guide to selling your property today.

How Do I Prepare for an Open Home?

Creating the optimum open home experience for buyers maximise your sale opportunity. Open homes are a popular way for buyers to view your property and see if it is right for them.

To help your home become the one buyers fall in love with, clear the clutter and neutralise any unpleasant odours to leave a good first impression.

We've put together a few quick tips on how you can prepare for your open home in our guide to selling your property, download it today to learn more.

What Are the Different Ways I Can Sell My House?

You may have noticed that houses are frequently sold in different ways, depending on market conditions and the unique aspects of the property.

Marketing your property with a price is the traditional approach to selling real estate and lends itself to negotiations. Often, however, you have less chance of selling for a premium since the given price acts as a 'ceiling', and buyers will therefore attempt to negotiate down, not up.

Selling without a price can be conducted by auction, tender, or by simply advertising without stating a price. Auctions are fast, simple, and place a deadline on the buyer to make a decision. Auctions, by their very nature, are a dynamic and positive way of arranging a quick and uncomplicated transfer of your property for the best price.

A real estate tender is a method of selling a property through the process of private and confidential offers made by a set deadline. A tender works particularly well when either the seller needs to consult with a number of people, when buyers may need to undertake considerable due diligence before finalising the sale, or when one party may have considerably more interest in buying the property than the general market.

To learn more about what your different options are for selling your house and which option is the best for your home, download our guide to selling your property today.

Why Should You Choose Us to Sell Your Property?

Our number one objective is to get you the best possible price for your property – preferably in the shortest possible time, with the minimum of fuss.

Selling your property is among the most significant challenges you'll face, both on a personal, and financial level. We've developed a carefully planned approach that gives you a professional, stress-free, and ultimately profitable, experience.

Cathy and her team have a proven track record of more than 30 years specialising in Hamilton Real Estate, request a free appraisal today.