What Are the Different Ways I Can Sell My House?

October 21st 2019

You may have noticed that houses are frequently sold in different ways, depending on market conditions and the unique aspects of the property.

Marketing your property with a price is the traditional approach to selling real estate and lends itself to negotiations. Often, however, you have less chance of selling for a premium since the given price acts as a 'ceiling', and buyers will therefore attempt to negotiate down, not up.

Selling without a price can be conducted by auction, tender, or by simply advertising without stating a price. Auctions are fast, simple, and place a deadline on the buyer to make a decision. Auctions, by their very nature, are a dynamic and positive way of arranging a quick and uncomplicated transfer of your property for the best price.

A real estate tender is a method of selling a property through the process of private and confidential offers made by a set deadline. A tender works particularly well when either the seller needs to consult with a number of people, when buyers may need to undertake considerable due diligence before finalising the sale, or when one party may have considerably more interest in buying the property than the general market.


Before you put your house on the market, it's important to know your competition, the market and to make sure your house is looking its best.

The art of presenting a property for sale is an important one to master. Presentation is often the reason that two properties that appear the same on paper, sell for vastly different prices.

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