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How Do I Find out What My House Is Worth?
October 21st 2019There are two proven methods to getting a home value estimate: a home appraisal and a valuation. Home appraisals are ... Learn More
How Do I Prepare for an Open Home?
October 21st 2019Creating the optimum open home experience for buyers maximise your sale opportunity. Open homes are a popular way for... Learn More
How Do I Present My Home?
October 21st 2019You may have heard of, or seen, some of the techniques vendors use to maximise their home's appeal, from the effectiv... Learn More
Why Should You Choose Us to Sell Your Property?
October 21st 2019Our number one objective is to get you the best possible price for your property – preferably in the shortest possibl... Learn More
What Are the Different Ways I Can Sell My House?
October 21st 2019You may have noticed that houses are frequently sold in different ways, depending on market conditions and the unique... Learn More
What Do I Need to Do Before I Can Put My House on the Market?
October 21st 2019Before you put your house on the market, there are several important documents and disclosures you need to provide. T... Learn More
Hamilton Residential Market Report September 2019
September 17th 2019 Hamilton Residential Market Report September 2019 from Cathy O’Shea. Buyers up 3% but properties to sell down 14%. C... Learn More
Spring Has Sprung - List With August's Number One
September 17th 2019Select the Best to Sell Your Property Cathy O'shea is number one at Lodge for August 2019. With a shortage of listing... Learn More
How do we know if we can provide Affordable Housing?
August 20th 2018Ryan Greenaway-McGrevey’s article examining the effectiveness of Auckland’s Unitary Plan asks, ‘how do we know if The... Learn More
When is an Office a Bedroom?
August 20th 2018Before you buy or sell, best to check what is being described as 'a bedroom' Did you know that there is a prescribed ... Learn More
20.1% capital gain YTD
August 20th 2018Why Invest in North East Hamilton, Why Now? Experienced investors know that by buying off plans they can gain an adva... Learn More
3 Things to do When the Market Turns
August 20th 2018The ‘rate of increase of New Zealand property values is near zero’ QV tells us, or it’s ‘Midnight on the Property Clo... Learn More
Are you a Landlord or thinking of becoming one?
August 20th 20183 things you need to know... Labour Party leader Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Bill would introduce minimum standards... Learn More
Hamilton Bucking National Trend
August 20th 2018Last Saturday I was quoted on the front page of the Waikato Times saying it is a ‘Sellers’ market in Hamilton because... Learn More
Landscape of Hamilton City living to change; demand for in-fill housing surges
August 20th 2018Lodge Real Estate’s managing director Jeremy O’Rourke says city-living in Hamilton is set to transform as developers ... Learn More