Situated in northern Hamilton you’ll find Rototuna, being one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Hamilton you may be asking yourself, is Rototuna a good place to live?

Rototuna is primarily a residential suburb featuring modern homes, an easy 8km commute into the CBD, plenty of public transport options available and ideal biking to get around the city. With all the amenities you need in the area including New World supermarket, a speciality butcher, restaurants, and bars, as well as schooling in the area all the way through to Year 13, Rototuna is the perfect place to build or buy your dream home.

What are the features of Rototuna?

What was once farmland now features modern homes featuring stucco, tiles, or modern brick with single or double storey common in the area. The natural gullies and rivers of Rototuna are beautiful geographical features that have attracted many larger luxurious homes along their banks.

Being so close to Hamilton CBD, you have plenty of amenities at your fingertips and locally you can enjoy the Rototuna Shopping Center featuring a New World supermarket, as well as a good bars & restaurants.

Recently the mixed-use development “Rototuna Village” was completed which is a mixture of office spaces, high-end apartments, retail and hospitality; diversifying your features and options further.

How easy of a commute is it from Rototuna?

Rototuna is an easy 8km commute into the CBD with plenty of routes available, as well as being serviced by plenty forms of public transport to key destinations such as Chartwell, Hamilton CBD, and the Waikato University.

With Hamilton being the ideal city for biking, you can also enjoy an easy cycling commute to plenty of Hamilton areas. Rototuna is also within the range of many popular ride-sharing apps, including Uber.

What schools and education are available in Rototuna?

In the area you have the popular Rototuna Primary School, Te Totara Primary School and Hukanui Primary School.

You also have Rototuna Junior High School which was opened in early 2016 serving the years 7 through to 10. Rototuna Junior High School’s position in the North-East of Hamilton makes it an easy drive to drop off the kids, with plenty of public transport options available.

Opened in 2017 you also have Rototuna Senior High School at the same location serving the years 11 through to 13 and a roll of around 500. Being situated north-west of Te Totara Primary School, you have all the years of education covered.

With a short drive into Hamilton you can also enjoy plenty of other education options including Hamilton Boys’ High, Hamilton Girls’ High, and Sacred Heart Girls’ College.

What is the history of Rototuna?

The translation of Rototuna means “eel lake”, which comes from the suburb’s history of being built on what was previously the bed of an ancient lake. The lake was an abundant source of eel and Harakeke (flax) with the kāhu, or “swamp harrier” being a prominent bird in the area.

Rototuna has a rich history, dating it’s European occupation back to as early as 1881, some time after Hamilton was established in 1864 by the 4th Waikato militia. Soldiers were given 50 acres in the country after the land wars after the draining of the Waikato swamps, at which point Rototuna was primarily farmland.

Rototuna was originally a rural settlement, which later become absorbed by Hamilton as it expanded.



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