20.1% capital gain YTD

August 20th 2018

Why Invest in North East Hamilton, Why Now?

Experienced investors know that by buying off plans they can gain an advantage in a rising market, currently tracking at 20.1% year to date in North East Hamilton. QV House Price index January 2017 https://www.qv.co.nz/property-trends/residential-house-values

North East Hamilton continues to ferment - fast closing in on the city boundary - a skyline on steroids with rapidly diminishing greenfield sites and feverish building. Observers are pegging the capital gain in North East properties to continue to increase as the housing supply diminishes and becomes ‘overpriced’, causing the demand for rentals to climb. A Residential Investors Utopia?

Hamilton is New Zealand's fastest growing city, the lowest tsunami/earthquake threat of any city in the country have made it a haven for relocation, while its' perceived safety and aesthetic appeal continues to attract new migrants. Consumer and developer-driven preferences have compounded this natural inclination; resulting in better amenities and infrastructure. a pulsing macro-economic climate.

Now a fast 127km from Auckland City thanks to the huge infrastructure upgrades to SHWY1, the North East is becoming an economical option for many young professionals ‘priced-out’ of the expensive Auckland housing market; a notable 'trickle down’, or ‘halo’ effect, being the increase in purchasers who are choosing to commute to Auckland from Hamilton.

Many Auckland investors also recognize the opportunites that North East Hamilton presents. Zoned for the first secondary school to be built in 36 years and the highest concentration of high decile state primary schools in the city, makes it very attractive to families to own or rent.

The recently completed ring road expressway and excellent bus services has made commuting to the University of Waikato easy; students are now preferring to rent brand new houses in the North East. A testing ground for new urban planning models, the North East abounds with environmental features, river walkways, green corridors, cycle ways, wetlands, parks, and plans for Hamilton's first independent satellite model township, which includes planning for a library, swimming pool, office space and malls, is included in the District Plan.

What to Buy - Springside Court New Freehold Development

Cathy O’Shea works closely with developers selling premium quality entry level products in Hamilton; Kiwi Master Builders, 10 Year Master Builder Warranty, and Architectural Design.2- 15 Springside Court designed by Rototuna-based Byrne+Enright Architecture was carefully planned to appeal to the ‘lock up and leave' baby boomers, investors and young professionals. From $650,000 - these townhouses are entry level buying in the North East. (The median selling price for Rototuna in January 2017 was $709,875 and Flagstaff $810,000.)

Putting a deposit on a property not due for completion for 2 or 3 months allows investors to benefit from a continuing rise in equity before settlement. Many investors choose to ‘on-sell’ closer to the settlement date.

Selling now from $650,000, due for completion April/May 2017. Secure your future today. Information pack from cathyo@lodge.co.nz


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